I am an Assistant Professor in Political Science at Leiden University, the Netherlands. My main areas of interest include political representation, parliaments, political parties, elections, polls and voting advice applications.

Foto: Monique Shaw

Foto: Monique Shaw


I studied political science at Leiden University, obtaining my Master’s degree (cum laude) in 2006 and my PhD in 2011. Part of my PhD research was completed at the University of Nottingham, where I was a guest PhD researcher in 2008. My PhD thesis, written under supervision of Prof. Rudy Andeweg and Dr Huib Pellikaan deals with the the democratic mandate of political parties in Great Britain and the Netherlands. This dissertation was shortlisted for the ECPR Jean Blondel Prize.

After I completed my dissertation, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the Political Legitimacy research profile area at Leiden, a multi-disciplinary project involving history, law, political science and public administration. In addition, I taught at the Institute of Political Science.

From September 2013 to December 2015 I held the position of Assistant Professor in Political Science at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. My responsibilities included teaching courses in research methods and statistics as well as comparative politics. I was Director of the M.Sc. in Politics & Public Policy in 2014-2015.

Current role

In January 2016 I took up the position of Assistant Professor (Universitair Docent) of Political Science at Leiden University. Currently, I am teaching statistics to undergraduate students and a thesis seminar project for postgraduates.

I fulfil various professional service roles. I am Convenor of the Standing Group on Parliaments, one of the largest and most active specialist groups within the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR). In the V-Dem Project, I act as Regional Manager for Western Europe. In addition, I co-organized the Dutch Flemish Political Science conference Politicologenetmaal with Hans Vollaard, Corinna Jentzsch and Nicolas Blarel in Leiden in 2017 and 2018.

My outreach activities include polling aggregation in the Netherlands, published by the public broadcaster NOS, and Ireland. I am a co-founder of and contributor to the Dutch political science weblog Stuk Rood Vlees.

In September 2015 I received the Emerging Scholars Award from the Organized Section on Political Organizations and Parties of the American Political Science Association.

📄 Curriculum vitae

Research Themes

Political Representation: Linking Citizens and Representatives

Are representatives doing what people want?

Polling Aggregation

Peilingwijzer and the Irish Polling Indicator pool Dutch and Irish opinion polls respectively

Voting Advice Applications

VAAs help voters during elections. I study their design.

Parliaments: rules and behaviour

How do MPs and parties behave in parliament?

This article analyses how populist parties wage opposition in parliament. Our findings indicate that populist opposition parties are particularly less likely to engage in policy-making behaviour and somewhat more likely to engage in scrutiny behaviour.
Political Studies, 2018

We examine the development of opposition party behaviour in the Dutch Tweede Kamer between 1998 and 2015.
In: Elisabetta De Giorgi and Gabriella Ilonszki (Eds.) Opposition Parties in European Legislatures: Conflict or Consensus?, Abingdon and New York: Routledge., 2018

This paper shifts the analysis of parliamentary oversight tools to the level of the political party, asking how political parties make use of written parliamentary questions.
West European Politics, 41(2): 496-516, 2018

The Dutch Parliamentary Behaviour Dataset contains a record of parliamentary (voting) behaviour in the Dutch Tweede Kamer (Second Chamber, House of Representatives) since 1945.
Acta Politica, 53(1), 149-166, 2018

We analyseren de relatie tussen parlement en regering aan de hand van interruptiepatronen in parlementaire debatten en een gedetailleerde lezing van geselecteerde Algemene Beschouwingen
In: Rudy B. Andeweg and Monique Leyenaar (eds). Alle stemmen tellen. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press., 2017

Recent Publications

More Publications

(2018). The Netherlands: The reinvention of consensus democracy. In: Elisabetta De Giorgi and Gabriella Ilonszki (Eds.) Opposition Parties in European Legislatures: Conflict or Consensus?, Abingdon and New York: Routledge..

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(2018). Parliamentary Questions as Strategic Party Tools. West European Politics, 41(2): 496-516.

PDF Code Dataset Project doi

(2018). Estimating Uncertainty in Party Policy Positions Using the Confrontational Approach. Political Science Research and Methods, 6(1): 197-209.

Code Dataset Accepted Manuscript doi

(2018). The Dutch Parliamentary Behaviour Dataset. Acta Politica, 53(1), 149-166.

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Currently teaching (2017-2018):

Blogs & popular publications

I am a regular contributer to Stuk Rood Vlees, a Dutch-language political science weblog. Please find an overview of my contributions here. Before April 2013, my blogs were published here.

A list of other recent popular publications and blogs is available here.


Interviews and mentions

I regularly share my research findings and observations regarding current events in media interviews with national and international outlets, including BBC World, Bloomberg, BNR, NOS, NRC Handelsblad, RTE, Volkskrant & ZDF.

A full list of recent interviews and mentions is available here

Recent & Upcoming Talks

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