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Political Representation: Linking Citizens and Representatives

The policy link between voters and politicians has been a central issue in politics for quite some time. My work focuses on the quality of this policy link: are representatives doing what people want?


. Keeping promises: VAAs and political representation. In: D. Garzia & S. Marschall (Eds.) Matching Voters with Parties and Candidates, pp. 197-216, 2014.

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. Verkiezingsbeloften: een verouderd ritueel? [Election promises: an obsolete ritual?]. In: Sarah L. de Lange, Monique Leyenaar and Pieter de Jong (eds). Politieke partijen: nodig of overbodig?, pp. 99-110, Den Haag: Raad voor het Openbaar Bestuur., 2014.

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. Political parties and the democratic mandate. Comparing Collective mandate fulfilment in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.. PhD dissertation Universiteit Leiden (255 pp.) (Wöhrmann Print Service). Prom./coprom.: prof. dr R.B. Andeweg & dr H. Pellikaan., 2012.

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. The Spatial Approach to the Party Mandate. Parliamentary Affairs 64(3), 425-447, 2011.

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