I am an Assistant Professor in Political Science at Trinity College Dublin. Before I came to Dublin, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Leiden University, where I also obtained my Master's and PhD degree.

My main areas of interest include political representation, parliaments, political parties, elections, polls and voting advice applications.

In 2011 I defended my PhD thesis on the democratic mandate of political parties in Great Britain and the Netherlands, which I wrote at Leiden University.

I am teaching in the field of comparative politics, research methods and statistics. Most of my undergraduate teaching materials can be found on Blackboard. Some material is available here.

Blogs & Opinion Poll Aggregation
I regularly contribute to the political science weblogs StukRoodVlees.nl and The Irish Politics Forum. The Dutch public broadcaster NOS publishes my  my aggregation of Dutch national opinion polls, called 'Peilingwijzer' (Polling Indicator). My Irish Polling Indicator, is published regularly on politicalreform.ie.